Laura Szanto is a travel, outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. Gaining an appreciation for the outdoors after moving to the Canadian Rockies, she developed a passion for documenting sports such as hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding and mountaineering. Whether it was teetering on the ridge of a 11,000 foot mountain or jumping into a lake filled with floating glaciers, Laura has captured unique perspectives and dynamic images showcasing a passionate lifestyle in the mountains. 

Between the years of exploring areas around Alberta and British Columbia, Laura's increasing passion for travel has led her to some of the most remote places around the globe. She shares impressionable images from over forty countries that she hopes will inspire travel, exploration and wanderlust. Within the last year, her images have even been featured in popular accounts such as National Geographic Adventure and BBC Travel. 

Currently based in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Laura continues to capture stunning images of powdery slopes, beautiful landscapes and adventure sports. 

Please contact for inquiries about photography lessons, family portraits, engagement photos, and commercial work. She travels regularly between Kelowna, Banff, Canmore & Vancouver.