Nepal 425 was created by four photographers - James Watson, Laura Szanto, Gareth Pickering and Richard Jones, who believe in the strength of storytelling in a picture. Inspired by the events of distributing supplies and helping in the reconstruction of homes in Nepal after the earthquakes, we decided to create a collaborative photobook that shares the experience of professional and amateur photographers alike.

Since May, we have collected nearly 700 images and are creating a book that explores four main themes - the impact of the earthquake, the distribution of aid, the resilience of its people and the stunning himalayan landscapes that surround Nepal.

To date, we have raised over $7000 and decided to donate to two projects both involved in supporting communities in Sindulpalchok region.

Project 1: Nepal Fish Farm

Organized by Khusi Hona, this project aims to create an operational fish farm to create additional economic opportunities for teachers at the Shree Chelaune Secondary School. 

A local farmer will earn both from his fish stock as well as from the fishing community committee who pays towards its operations. The earnings will be distributed, with 50% of the profits going towards the school and the other 50% divided between the fishing committee investment, farmer incentive and to a small fund set up to grow the scale of the operation. 

The idea behind this project is to provide people with opportunities to create income for their families and to also stimulate local economy in the community itself.  

Project 2: Child Care Centre

Lead by non profit organization, Bringing Thoughts to Action, this child care centre aims to create potential for economic growth in Sindulpalchok by employing caretakers and teachers to supervise children who's mothers are already employed and working at a carpet factory. 

There are currently 20 women actively working in the carpet industry, but its design allows to employ up to 120 people. At the day care centre, about 30 children between the ages of 0-5 years old will be under supervision every day so that the mothers are able to continue their jobs at the carpet factory. This will provide additional jobs for local teachers and caretakers alike.

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Below are personal images and reflections of my experience during the Nepal earthquakes.

The Destruction...

The devastation from the earthquakes were far reaching, with thousands of homes damaged in districts such as Ramkot, Sindupolchok, Gokha, Kathmandu and Newakot. 

The Support...

Together, the four of us managed to raise 20,000$ and used that money to help deliver aid to the most affected areas in Nepal. We provided essentials such as tools needed for reconstruction (tarps, hammers, rope, nails, saws) shelter needs (blankets, pillows, soft mats) and food (rice, lentils, oil, cookies).

The Reconstruction...

We headed to Ramkot district where we helped build over 15 eco-sustainable bamboo shelters for families who lost their home. 

The Resiliency...

Despite the devastation the nepalese had to endure, they remained hopeful and in surprisingly good spirits.